By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Oenophiles take note – Haier has today announced the release of its new 51-bottle capacity Wine Chiller.

The stainless steel and glass unit features nine internal wooden racks for holding bottles of wine as well as a drawer at the base that holds extra bottles or wine accessories such as a bottle opener.

According to Haier Australia’s brand manager Yvonne Hong, the Wine Chiller is suited to both wine aficionados and regular drinkers.

“Our new Wine Chiller offers fantastic features for the avid wine collector, or even just the family home,” said Hong. “At its affordable price you can afford to stock it too, without breaking the budget!

“Haier is all about providing affordable, reliable products that meet consumers’ needs.”

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The Chiller features electronic temperature controls at the top of the unit that can be adjusted to suit different types of wine, as well as an anti-condensation system that keeps the glass door fog-free and a ventilation system with interior fan to ensure even air circulation.

“A sleek stainless steel and glass exterior combined with stunning wooden racking makes this latest addition perfect for any contemporary home, particularly with an increasing trend towards a more organic, natural aesthetic and use of wood finishes in kitchen designs.”

The Haier Wine Chiller is available for RRP $999, and is backed by a 2-year parts and labour warranty.