By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Australian mapping and navigation company MetroView Systems (mapping provider for the Navig8r brand of GPS devices) has today announced the launch of a new Rugby World Cup-specific GPS navigation application for the iPhone and iPad.

The app was created in conjunction with New Zealand mapping company GeoSmart, which is the sole provider of New Zealand maps to companies such as Navman and TomTom.

The MetroView NZ City GPS app allows users to purchase maps for individual cities in New Zealand, the host nation for this year’s Rugby Union World Cup, and comes pre-programmed with rugby-related points of interest such as fan zones, training sites and stadiums. A

Speaking about the new app was MetroView Systems director of sales and marketing, Mike Dell.

“With Rugby World Cup 2011, the timing was right to launch the MetroView NZ City and NZ GPS navigation applications in New Zealand,” he said. “MetroView is regularly the number one navigation application for iPhone and iPad on the Apple iTunes App Store. We are continuously working hard to develop and introduce innovative navigation solutions to the market at extremely competitive prices.”

On the eve of Australia’s Rugby World Cup match against the United States, tips a spectacular victory to the Wallabies. Of course.

Which way to victory? The MetroView NZ City GPS app for iPhone and iPad.