By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Heating manufacturer De’Longhi has announced the launch of a new online product microsite, targeted as retailers and consumers purchasing heaters in the lead-up to winter.

Speaking to, product manager of major appliances and comfort Helen Finlayson said the site was developed to offer users a unique way to engage with the De’Longhi heater range.

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“One of the main objectives was to provide a site that takes the user on a journey through the range and allows them to make a well informed decision on which heater will suit their particular needs,” Finlayson said.

“We wanted the site to be engaging and interactive as well as demonstrate the unique selling points of our range. The site is easy and fun to navigate and is very different from a static website where the user can be subjected to information overload.”

Showcasing everything from basic fan heaters up to the “Best in Class” oil column heater, the site gives tech specs and pricing, and allows customers to compare like-for-like on different categories of heaters.

While the micro-site is live, Finlayson said it would soon be supported by an online advertising banner campaign to be launched in mid-June, as well as an incentive promotion that offers consumers the chance to win a Best in Class Delonghi Rapido Oil Column Heater.

Ultimately, the site represents a shift away from predominantly print-based campaigns according to Finlayson. Retailers are expected to move towards the site, particularly younger staff members who are “really switched on” to online formats.

“We’re trying to embrace the new technology,” said Finlayson “so we’re expecting a good response”.