Uniden has launched the UH850S 5-watt UHF waterproof CB handheld radio in two new colours, orange and lime, built extra rugged for use on work sites and other outdoor environments.

With a metal alloy chassis, waterproof design and 30-hour battery life, the device will meet worksite demands. It enables two-way communication and comes charged with 5-watt power to deliver up to 17km of range.

The UH850S Series features Master Scan technology to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication and if the channel is interrupted, all radios in the group will automatically jump to a new clear channel.

Four different audio level settings – normal, bass, midrange and high – provide a natural voice enhancer for sharp clarity and performance. The Smart Key feature allows users to toggle between voice enhancer, instant channel or tone for greater customisation.

A voice scramble function enables private communication by scrambling the voice signal, preventing other users without special discrambling equipment from understanding the conversation.

Battery life is also considered with an auto battery saver option allowing the radios to automatically save and conserve power when not in use. A battery level indicator helps manage expected battery life of 30 hours.