Uniden has expanded its outdoor security range with the addition of the Uniden App Cam Pano with 4K dual lens spotlight.

With a 170-degree-wide field of view, the App Cam Pano uses dual lens hardware that joins two videos together as one picture to capture and view more than a traditional security camera.

In addition to a weatherproof design, the App Cam Pano boasts infrared night vision and a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) spotlight that adds colour to night vision footage up to 10 metres away.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the camera can distinguish between a person, vehicle or pet. Detection technology alerts users through instant-push notifications, while reducing the number of false alarms.

Users can track vision using the Uniden Solo app for remote live viewing in 4K quality This also facilitates two-way communication or voice alerts. Privacy masking can black out the areas a user does not want recorded and prioritise where surveillance needs to be focused.

A wire-free version App Cam Solo Pano will be released in early 2023 to join the App Cam Pano 4K range now available for RRP $399.95 with no ongoing fees or subscription costs.