Uniden Australia’s new industry-first range of UHF radios, the XTRAK 50 Pro and XTRAK 80 Pro take communication to the next level with app-enabled location sharing functionality between a handheld and in-vehicle UHF radio.

The XTRAK Bluetooth app, available for both iOS and Android, helps manage selective calling contacts and additional receive channels by accessing all settings controls and send in-app text messages from one app.

The app’s advanced positional tracking and location sharing ensure contact is always available to communicate and establish an exact position. The location tracking works between the in-vehicle and handheld UHF radios, ensuring both locations are accurate.

Off the mount, the XTRAK 80 Pro delivers up to five watts of power and provides up to 18 kilometres of range, while the XTRAK 50 Pro with up to five watts of power, provides up to 17 kilometres of range, dependent on topographical factors.

Both devices share common features such as a large, anti-glare OLED display, integrated two-watt speakers and four-level voice enhancers for maximum sound clarity in noisy environments. Bluetooth connection is available on the XTRAK 80 Pro, connecting to the vehicle’s audio speakers.

Both units have up to 30 hours of standby time, and the one-touch instant replay records and replays up to four minutes of recently received communications, and this replay feature is also available on the UHF handheld.

Uniden is also introducing a new lightweight Bluetooth headset with a high-quality microphone for clear voice transmission.

The XTRAK 80 Pro retails for $549.95; the XTRAK 50 Pro is $449.95; the XTRAK 4×4 Pro pack (XTRAK 80 Pro plus a ATX970S antenna) is $719.95 and the XTRAK ultimate pack (XTRAK 80 Pro + XTRAK 50 Pro and a ATX970S antenna) is $999.95.