Uniden has expanded its Baby Watch monitor range with a Wi-Fi enabled 2K Super HD resolution smart model with pan and tilt camera and customisable night light. 

In addition to enabling parents to watch from the 5-inch HD monitor, the Baby Watch Plus App gives access to live footage remotely from smartphones or tablets from any location, including within the home or while travelling.

The monitor is easy to set up and move from room to room and has a removable, silicone cover with novelty ears, designed to blend into the nursery.

There is a night light with a rainbow of colours to help soothe baby to sleep, providing soft lighting for nappy changes. Motion and sound detection can send an alert to the user’s device along with a danger zone detection mode for notification of activity via the app.

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for easy integration with a smart home setup. It comes with 14 lullabies, plus white noise, and two-way talk for parents to soothe an unsettled baby remotely through a smart device.

The BW6181R retails at $399.95.