By Patrick Avenell

The new era of Hagemeyer Appliances as owned by Shriro is taking shape, with general manager Gavan McKenna today revealing to that from 1 January 2012, the business will be restructured into four divisions, each with a new Divisional Manager.

The four new areas are Blanco and De Dietrich Retail Sales and Marketing; Omega Retail Sales and Marketing; Commercial Sales and Marketing Division; and Operations.

Looking after the retail appliance divisions will be Ian Woodhouse (Blanco and De Dietrich) and Craig Handley (Omega). There are also two brand managers: Jennelle Larvin, who will look after the more premium Blanco and De Dietrich brands and Belinda Toner, who will be responsible for the more mainstream Omega brand.

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McKenna spoke very positively about the work Woodhouse and Handley have done so far in their Hagemeyer careers.

“Ian Woodhouse has lead the sales function at Hagemeyer Appliances for the last four years and been a central part of the business' strong growth over that period,” he said. “Craig Handley has driven the very strong performance of the Blanco retail team over the last 24 months, culminating in the Blanco brand delivering its strongest ever year in retail market share.”

Taking over as Divisional Manager of Commercial Sales and Marketing is Cameron Jones. He will have full responsibility for all the sales and marketing activities for the Omega, Blanco and De Dietrich brands in the commercial market, including sales, product development and communications.

Looking after all purchasing, showrooms, logistics, sales administration and the sales desk is Paul Erokhin, who has been appointed the Operations Divisional Managaer.

This restructuring of the Hagemeyer Appliances business came about as a result of Shriro’s purchase of Hagemeyer Brands Australia earlier this year. Since then, Shriro has announced it will relinquish the JVC and Polaroid brands, completely divesting itself of consumer electronics categories it bought into as part of this acquisition..