By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: While the industry natters about the instability of the TV category and its falling prices, one this is for certain, consumers don’t want falling panels. Atdec marketing manager, Gordon Kerr, told that the TV world has gone flat, “as in style, not sales”, but that mounting solutions can offer retailers an economic boost.

“When selling a TV, the addition of a wall mount provides retailers the opportunity to better service their customers while adding value and profit to the sale,” said Kerr.

“It’s a simple and practical add-on that can be scaled to suit the product being supplied. There are simple low-cost solutions for budget customers and more advanced models with tilt and position adjustment for those who need more.”

Kerr said that an increasingly popular choice is wall mounting.

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“While freeing up floor space, it offers opportunities for greater flexibility in TV placement as well as improved security. Where once TV’s were only installed in the lounge room or bedroom, they can now be added to bathrooms, patio areas and kitchens.”

“As consumers rush to take up the new technology one of the key considerations is how the product will be mounted. For home owners there is placement and security concerns while for unit dwellers there are space concerns.”