TPBTECH Australia has acquired the exclusive rights for the TPB Tech induction benchtop for Australia – the first technological surface with invisible integrated induction that allows users to cook directly on a kitchen worktop with no visible hobs or glass.

The TPB Tech induction benchtop is the only approved invisible induction cooktop in the world. First presented at the Living Kitchen International Fair in Germany in 2013, the cooktop was manufactured and marketed for both domestic and commercial use in 2014.

TPB Tech uses a patented multilayer material composed of porcelain ceramic, aluminum, Bakelite and another aluminum layer to avoid thermal shock and impact that would occur with porcelain alone. The surface is non-porous, antibacterial, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and can be used as a cutting surface.

“The TPB Tech cooktop is a game-changing product for the kitchen with a patented design and unique technology. Unlike other cooktops on the market, consumers no longer need to compromise on benchtop real estate,” TPBTECH Australia general manager, Andre Dowling told Appliance Retailer. “The cooktop also heats up and cools down faster than traditional induction cooktops, while being more energy efficient.”

The cooktop is available in standard 900mm and 1200mm sizes, as well as custom-made options with various dimensions, configurations, and designs including 17 colours and finishes to choose from.

Dowling also confirmed that TPBTECH Australia will open an Experience Centre in Sydney’s lower north shore to showcase the features and benefits of the TPB Tech cooktop. It is scheduled to open in December 2021. The TPB Tech cooktop will also be showcased at the Sydney and Melbourne Home Shows in March and April 2022, respectively.

TPB Tech is developed and manufactured in Spain by TPB-TOP Porzelanik Barcelona and is supplied across the world. It does not work with traditional induction equipment available on the market.