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The future of Philips TVs will be based on five key pillars – Ambilight colour reproduction, European premium craftsmanship, award-winning picture quality, powerful sound solutions and Android-powered Smart TV functionality – that’s the message from global marketing lead Marc Harmsen at TP Vision, the television licensee for the famous Dutch brand.

The last feature in that list, Smart TV based on Android Lollipop, is perhaps the most significant and will be included in 80 per cent of all Philips TVs in 2015. The popularity of streaming video on demand services has grown exponentially over the past few years, to the point where half of all UK owners are accessing content through providers like Netflix, according to data quoted by Harmsen. This is a trend that is expected to be replicated in Australia, where Netflix, Stan and Presto have all experienced high visibility starts to life and, at least for Netflix, very good take-up.

Philips TV are distributed in Australia by Tempo Australia, as well as several other B2B importers.

Out of Philips’ 38 new 2015 TVs, 17 will be 4K Ultra HD models. To promote this technology, Philips is sponsoring European dance party promoter Sensation to become its official Ultra HD partner.