By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Coming off the back of the success of the MasterChef sponsorship, Sunbeam is looking to keep up the momentum with a swag of consumer promotions set to swing consumers into stores in the run up to Christmas.

Some of the timely campaigns will continue through the holiday period and into the next year in an effort to stave off abrupt post Christmas sales drops. Promotions include overseas trips, advertorials and television advertising. was offered a snapshot into the promotional programme and activity. Almost all the new products across the categories are partnered with promotions.

Sunbeam CEO David Jackson said capturing the consumer imagination is key.

 “It’s been a really terrific thing to be associated with (MasterChef), and we want to continue that association,” Jackson told earlier this week.

On account of the cooking show success Sunbeam has also aligned itself with My Kitchen Rules.

“We also have announced a couple of weeks ago that we’re tying up with My Kitchen Rules,  which will probably be the number two formatted cooking show,” said Jackson

“As that goes into series two in the next calendar year they’ll be using Sunbeam products and we’ll be an active participant. When that was running (season one) it was pulling 1.2 million viewers a night.”

“Our core strategy for Christmas fundamentally is just about driving traffic into stores; putting our brand up there in an interesting and relevant way, and really stimulating interest in our products.”

“It’s about helping our retailers and our retail customers really have a fantastic Christmas.”

“It is tough out there. There’s lots of commentary out there about how tight retails been and there’s no doubt about it, it’s not going to ease up between now and Christmas. Nevertheless, we can see what happens when we stimulate consumers’ interest and demand.”