By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The new Motorola LapDock accessory for the newly released Atrix smartphone will chew through significantly more data than normal handsets, with local director of sales Anthony Petts telling that even he has reached new heights in data consumption while testing the device.

Whilst the Atrix handset uses an Android browser for surfing the web, the LapDock, which costs RRP $449, uses a full Firefox browser (version 3.1.16), meaning it will consume data at PC-like levels, rather than at the more constricted levels experienced when web browsing on an Android phone. From a functional perspective, there is also a greater likelihood that more intensive websites will be frequested, such as YouTube and other video websites. On the plus side, users in Wi-Fi areas will be able to take advantage of a more user-friendly Wi-Fi-through-phone experience.

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Petts said that whilst he had never exceeded 1GB in one month in browsing previously, he was now going through around three times that level per month. Although he was open in his assessment, saying that this accessory was aimed at the corporate market who would be more likely to take up higher data options, there would not be any warning on the packaging or at the point of purchase.

The Motorola Atrix will be sold exclusively through Telstra from 7 June 2011 for RRP $840. It will also be available on Telstra’s Freedom Connect Plans.