Tineco has introduced the FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 with a 180-degree lay-flat design to glide under low-profile furniture thanks to new HyperStretch technology, which can compress to just 13cm to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Tineco’s new three-chamber dirty water separation system effectively separates solids, liquids and air, isolating dirt to protect the engine and maintain full cleaning power even when lying flat. With even thinner edges on three sides, the brush can adapt to every corner and recess.  

The unique two-step FlashDry self-cleaning system quickly dries the vacuum and prepares it for the next cleaning session. First, 70°C hot water wash effectively dissolves stains and deep-cleans from the pipe to the brush roller in two minutes. The five-minute FlashDry process starts with 70°C hot air blowing ensuring powerful water extraction. The brush roller rotates in both directions and utilises centrifugal air drying to make the brush fluffier and drier, while preventing mould and reducing odours.

Tineco’s MHCBS technology continuously delivers fresh water to the brush roll, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.

The FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 features Mini Assist Wheels for effortless pushing and pulling in both directions. Plus, the clean water tank has been repositioned above the brush head, reducing the weight of the main body and making cleaning more comfortable. The 45-degree swivel design provides enhanced control, even when lying flat.

Both clean and dirty water, as well as battery power, are constantly adjusted by Tineco’s patented iLoop Smart Sensor technology based on the mess, ensuring effective cleaning. With an upgraded pouch battery, Stretch S6 maintains a 40-minute runtime.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 is available now via Amazon Australia for RRP $899.