I have been an avid Dyson fan for a number of years, not only embracing the company’s handstick vacuum cleaners, but also air purifiers and haircare products.

When I heard about the new Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum handstick vacuum cleaner, I was intrigued. With a price tag of $1,099, it goes head-to-head with other premium offerings (including the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute and Dyson V11) but also the Miele Triflex HX2 Pro and LG A9 Kompressor.

With the exception of the LG model, which promises up to 120 minutes runtime, the PURE ONE S12 Platinum claims to deliver the longest battery life of its competition at up to 100 minutes compared to 60 minutes from Dyson and Miele vacuums. The PURE ONE S12 Platinum also comes with the most accessories included in the box (13) and incorporates the largest dustbin capacity (0.6L), which are all important factors when it comes to a whole-home clean.

When unboxing the PURE ONE S12 Platinum, the first thing that catches your attention is the variety of tools included in the box. The direct-drive LED power brush and LED soft-roller power brush are accompanied by a soft dusting brush, mini power brush and two-in-one dusting brush. There is a short crevice tool, flexible long crevice tool, flexible extension hose, and automatic pre-filter cleaning tool.

There are also two lithium batteries, two pre-filter accessories and a multi-angle folding adaptor, in addition to a dual charging wall mounted dock that can hold the vacuum plus three accessories. However, I soon found out that the dock must be installed to charge the vacuum; it can’t simply be plugged into a power point, which is an unfortunate design oversight.

But a design element that I do praise is the LED touch display – for anyone who hasn’t used a vacuum with a display, this is a game-changer! On the PURE ONE S12 Platinum, it shows the battery life, mode (Eco, Auto or Max) and power level. It also lets you know if the brush roller is tangled, there’s a dust sensor malfunction or the air channel is blocked.

It also shows Tineco’s iLoop Dust Sensor via a coloured ring, demonstrating when the vacuum automatically adjusts its suction power in real-time, boasting up to 145W in max power mode. The colour changes from red to blue as the floor gets cleaner – a simple and subtle, yet useful visual cue.

The only thing that would make the display even better would be placing it on top of the unit rather than it being front facing to make it easier to see from all angles and positions.

The two wheels above the cleaner head get a big tick from me, making it easier to manoeuvre the vacuum in any direction (both during the clean and when moving the unit between rooms) and it helps clean under lowline furniture.

Speaking of ease of use, the PURE ONE S12 Platinum also has the option of holding/releasing the trigger button to turn the unit on/off or flicking a switch to keep the unit on without pressing the button. The switch is a welcome addition as it helps reduce strain on your fingers.

The unit’s design is clean, lightweight and minimalistic. The white and grey colour scheme blends seamlessly into interiors and makes less of a statement than Dyson’s bold and bright colour choices.

Now let’s get down to cleaning!

I first tested the soft-roller power brush, designed for hard floors such as tiles. It features an LED light that highlights dust particles. Unlike the laser technology on the Dyson V15 Detect which projects a green laser of 90 degrees ahead and to the left, the LED light on the PURE ONE S12 Platinum shines a bright white light directly ahead of the vacuum cleaner head. This is particularly useful when cleaning up in low light conditions (or even complete darkness if you’re a late-night-chore type of person).

The soft-roller power brush was impressive, collecting both fine dust and large debris with ease. It was also surprisingly quiet, which I love because it means you can still hear the TV, music, and even the doorbell, while cleaning.

I then tried out the direct-drive power brush designed for softer surfaces like carpet and rugs, which also incorporates an LED light. On the carpet, it was smooth to operate and left the satisfying track marks behind, but it was a little clunky to use on my high pile rug, particularly in forward motions, but it still did the job.

Once the cleaning is done and you’re ready to empty the dustbin, it’s a simple push of the button to eject all the nasties. A hands-free and mess-free process.

The PURE ONE S12 Platinum can be used in conjunction with the Tineco app that keeps track of cleaning, generating real-time updates and reports, as well as checks for malfunctions.Simply install the app, create an account and follow the step-by-step guide on how to connect the unit. You’ll just need a stable Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth. It also works with Alexa voice control.

Personally, I didn’t find the app useful as it tells you the same information you can find on the unit’s LED display, aside from access to the amount of dust it’s picked up, but there’s no real need for it.

Final verdict

The Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum is a slick looking cordless vacuum cleaner that delivers long battery life, a handy LED display, LED lights on the two main power brush attachments, and all the accessories you could need for the whole home. At $1,099, there are a few handstick vacuums to choose from, but the PURE ONE S12 Platinum won’t disappoint when it comes to power, ease of use and overall design.