Entries for the 2014 Good Design Awards (formerly the Australian International Design Awards) close on Monday 31 March 2014,  ahead of the gala awards ceremony in Sydney on Wednesday 28 May 2014.

“With 15 categories open for entry spanning everything from consumer products to automotive design, medical and scientific equipment, furniture and lighting design, packaging design, sporting equipment, fashion and accessories, digital and online and service design,” the organisers said.

The appliance and consumer electronics industries have been major supporters of the awards in recent history, culminating in the Blackmagic video camera winning the overall award at the 2013 ceremony, while the LotusGrill by Zimba was named Best in Category for Domestic Appliances.

The entry fee for most appliances and consumer electronics will range from $650 to $1,200, based on the size of the product in question.

The 2014 Good Design Awards are again being held in conjunction with Vivid Sydney, an incredibly popular lights-and-arts festival that has really captured the city’s imagination over the past few years. As part of this new ‘Design Festival’ selected entries to the awards will be showcased to the public between 23 May and 9 June 2014.