Australians are still regularly indulging in takeaway meals, despite being more financially stretched, according to new research commissioned by The Mix Australia and New Zealand, distributors of Thermomix.

Australians increasingly value convenience over saving money when it comes to mealtimes. The data reveals Australian adults spend an average of $70 every week on takeaway meals, with more than one-third (39%) ordering in at least once and one in ten (11%) ordering in multiple times a week.

Licensed financial content creator, Queenie Tan (pictured) has seen first-hand that while Australians are eager to save money, takeaway meals are one of the last things to be sacrificed in the family budget.

“As a new mum, I now know how time-consuming children can be, so it’s no surprise that when we are given the choice between the convenience of takeaways and cooking a meal at home, convenience often comes out on top,” she said.  

Recent data from Roy Morgan reveals the number of Australians using meal delivery services has doubled in the past four years. However, the cost of takeaway meals is almost 20% higher than in December 2019.

The research reveals that among young families, two in five (40%) resort to takeaways because they lack time to cook. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds (69%) say they cook the same meals repeatedly, which is seeing more turn to takeaways for greater variety.

But with more than two in five (43%) Australians wanting to spend less on takeaway meals, there is an appetite for an alternative that offers the same benefits with a lower price tag. In addition, with 82% of Australians striving to be more health conscious, there is a desire for more nutritious and fresh meals.

Thermomix offers Australians a convenient, cost-effective, and healthier alternative to takeaways.

“We use our Thermomix for almost every single meal. It’s been a game changer since giving birth because it’s meant we haven’t had to rely on frozen meals or takeaways,” Queenie Tan said.

“The most attractive thing about getting takeaway is that anything you want is available to you at the touch of a button, and the Thermomix makes that possible from your kitchen without having to use every pot, pan and utensil.”

By cooking with a Thermomix, the average Australian can save $173.87 on takeaways every month. When comparing the most purchased takeaway foods to an alternative made in a Thermomix, Australians can save $26.45 on a chicken schnitzel, $10.88 on a margherita pizza and $8.74 on tacos.

Each Thermomix purchase includes a free six-month subscription to Cookidoo, an exclusive online recipe library. With access to 90,000 step-by-step recipes and menu planning tools, Cookidoo brings inspiration and meals to the screen.