ARsignupWith retailers being urged to update their inventory management systems, enable click & collect and combine online and in-store customer data into a single profile, they already have plenty to keep them occupied without investing in gimmicks.

Apart from selling TVs, just how important is video for retail? Recent consumer survey results show video is much more persuasive in other markets around the world than in Australia.

According to Oracle’s 2015 consumer research report Retail Without Limits – A Modern Commercial Society, 32 per cent respondents are incentivised to make a purchase if they’ve seen a video promoting a product, yet 38 per cent are not encouraged to do so. Comparatively, global figures are 51 per cent and 28 per cent respectively, suggesting that there is an opportunity for growth.

Video in retail can be used as part of an online marketing campaign, for example Appliances Online has its own Youtube channel full of product reviews, or at the point of sale, like Pro Appliances which has created A4-sized shelf video displays to act as ‘digital sales staff’.

The first kind of video marketing is relevant to the appliance and consumer electronics industries as consumers will often spend a long time researching products before making a purchase. Video may also encourage them to reserve or buy a product online and pick it up in store.

At POS, videos can be used to provide additional product information or detail or, to create desire. (US fashion retailer Hointer experienced a spike in sales of a pair of nondescript black pants when shoppers where shown an image of Prince Harry wearing the same pair of pants on an in-store POS device).

GoPro is well aware of the value of video — it is after all the company’s bread and butter — and will provide point of sale displays that showcase professionally produced GoPro content. The videos from GoPro’s media team are designed to inspire consumers to record and relive their own creative pursuits, preferably with a GoPro product.

For retailers considering an upgrade or new investment in in-store video, Canohm, importer and distributor of Vogel’s Professional range in Australia, has two new professional video wall solutions to create video displays in commercial environments.

Vogel’s Connect-it video wall solution 

Firstly, Vogel’s Connect-it video wall solution is a modular concept based on the popular Connect-it series and consists of interface bars and display strips that can be used to create professional, high-impact displays.

Vogel’s video wall pop-out module is a slim bracket with a distance between the display and wall of only 50mm. It makes installation and service to video walls very easy and unobtrusive due to its slim bracket design. It features a spring-loaded push to open release, operated by gently pushing on the display.