In a half-yearly results release from JB Hi-Fi today, the company announced that it has closed the last Clive Anthonys store in Australia. The move is the final chapter in a tumultuous history for the Australian retail brand, which suffered a slow demise in the Australian retail landscape.

We take a look back at the big milestones for one of two Australian Clives that failed to find its feet under new ownership.

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August 2004

JB Hi-Fi purchased a 70 per cent share in Clive Anthonys for $24.15 million.

August 2006: Clive Anthonys to enter the Sydney market

Despite JB Hi-Fi admitting that Clive Anthonys “did not trade to expectations in 2006,” the company announced plans to enter the Sydney market in 2007 to take on competitors including Bing Lee and Clive Peeters.

November 2006: Holdsworth resigns from Clive Anthonys

John Holdsworth, Clive Anthonys group product manager in charge of all buying, resigned from the company.

February 2007: Clive Anthonys GM resigns

Clive Anthonys’ Ron Pamenter resigned as GM of the company, with New South Wales JB Hi-Fi manager Peter Green named as his replacement thanks in part to his “JB Hi-Fi background”.

June 2009: JB CEO talks restructure and redundancies at Clive Anthonys

Clive Anthonys’ Gold Coast warehouse is closed, resulting in a number of redundancies. Then CEO Richard Uechtritz said the company’s “money, time and resources” would go into the JB Hi-Fi brand until the economy improved. Despite the difficulties with the brand, Uechtritz said he had no regrets about acquiring the brand and that he’d “do it again 10 times over”.

November 2009: CEO reveals: ‘We’ve thought about renaming Clive Anthonys’

“When you’ve got a store you’ve bought and you’ve got some brand name recognition in Queensland, where most of Clive Anthonys is, it’s hard to go through a name change process, it’s not the ideal name, considering the similarity between Clive Peeters,” said then CEO Uechtritz.

May 2010: JB reveals margin pressure and new Clive Anthonys branding

JB Hi-Fi unveiled new branding for its Clive Anthonys shopfronts, focusing on the phrase “less for cash”.

March 2011: JB Hi-Fi announces Clive Anthonys $33.4 million write-down

A disappointing half-year for Clive Anthonys, following years of poor performance, led JB Hi-Fi to announce a strategic review of the struggling appliance business and plans for a $33.4 million restructuring write-down.

August 2012: Steady results for JB Hi-Fi but ghosts of Clive Anthonys remain

JB’s 2012 financial year results showed Clive Anthonys sales were down 46.9 per cent for the year, and 3 stores were closed.

November 2012: JB Hi-Fi retires “tarnished” Clive Anthonys brand

JB Hi-Fi began selling appliances under the JB Hi-Fi Home shingle, effectively beginning the phase out of the Clive Anthonys brand after 8 years in the JB stable. According to JB CEO Terry Smart, the brand was “tarnished” in the market.

January 2014: JB Hi-Fi posts solid results thanks to hardware and appliance sales

JB Hi-Fi used its half-yearly results for the 2014 financial year to announce the closure of the last remaining Clive Anthonys store in Australia.