By James Wells

SYDNEY: Fisher & Paykel is offering $100 cashback to consumers to incentivise the purchase of its water efficient top loaders in states that are receiving rebates for water efficient front loading machines..

According to Fisher & Paykel national marketing manager, Steve Reid, the rebate, which has been called ‘Clean Your Clothes Without Emptying Your Pockets’, is designed to incentivise its water efficient top loading washing machines, which are competing against front loading machines.

“We are offering the rebate in those states where the water rebates schemes are operating. We are providing our own cashback incentive on the two top loading models, which just miss out on claiming water rebates. We are supporting our two top loading machines to assist the market in comparing the price benefits of top and front loading models," Reid said.

Consumers who purchase either the Fisher & Paykel GW712 7kg Excellence Washer or the IW812 8kg Intuitive Eco Washer top loading machines between 15 June and 31 August 2006 inclusive will receive $100 cash back.

Customers must make sure that the retail purchase was made from a participating store in New South Wales, Western Australia or Queensland.

According to the company’s cashback conditions form, a list of the participating stores can be found at

Customers must complete the claim form and submit it themselves. Retailers can not submit the form on the consumer’s behalf.

All claims must be received by last mail on 29 September, 2006 and cheques will be posted within 28 days of claim.