The popularity of the air fryer has just taken a new direction with Tefal releasing Turbo Cuisine & Fry that instantly converts a multicooker into an air fryer with a larger capacity than regular air fryers.

The advantage of air frying is that it cooks faster than a traditional oven without any pre-heating time.

The Turbo Crisp lid on the Turbo Cuisine & Fry will air fry, bake, cook and grill while the multicooker offers a range of automatic programs to pressure cook, steam, slow cook and more. Using a combination of the 15 cooking programs it delivers greater versatility for cooking in a single appliance.

Programs are easily navigated, and temperature and cooking times adjusted by simply twisting and pushing the control knob.

Unlike regular air fryers, it features exclusive spherical bowl technology to deliver optimal heat circulation for perfect cooking results. The 7.6L XXL capacity is ideal when cooking for a crowd, cooking up to nine servings at once.

The Turbo Cuisine & Fry can replace more than 10 appliances. RRP is $499.95.