The TCL NXTWEAR S XR smart glasses have been recognised with the Best Connected Consumer Device Award at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2023.

Recognising products that offer an exceptional user experience through connectivity and integration with other devices and services, the award celebrates achievements in hardware development that advance the mobile sector.

“The GLOMO Best Connected Consumer Device award confirms NXTWEAR S’s position as a game-changer in the XR entertainment space and is testament to TCL’s commitment to display screen innovation in all forms and sizes,” TCL Communication chief marketing officer, Stefan Streit said.

“We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in AR and XR experiences with devices that combine cutting edge features, style and ease of use.”

TCL NXTWEAR S offers an expansive viewing environment, equivalent to watching a 130-inch screen four meters away, with dual 1080p Micro OLED displays.

The Full HD image is paired with optimised audio that can be enjoyed through dual speakers or by connecting headphones. A unique whisper mode harnesses an advanced acoustic phase cancellation technique to prevent sound leakage.

Weighing around 82 grams and featuring adjustable nose pads and magnetic pogo-pin connector, the glasses make the experience seamless and hands-free.

TCL NXTWEAR S is compatible with over 100 Android and Windows devices that support DP with a USB-C port. iOS devices are compatible with an adapter. The TCL NXTWEAR S is available now in select markets worldwide.