TCL has hosted an online event to unveil its latest Mini LED 8K TVs with TCL OD Zero Mini LED technology creating an ultra-thin profile never seen before in LED LCD TVs.

TCL Industry Design Centre head of X-Lab, Tiago Abreu the company’s X Series TVs aim to disrupt the home theatre experience.

“TCL’s X Series represent the highest standard of TVs in the global TV industry. X Series stands for excellence in picture quality, audio performance and technology,” he said.

“One of the key factors of TCL’s X Series performance is our Mini LED technology. Applying Mini LED technology was our goal back in 2018 when we first focused on developing Mini LED technology for TV displays.

“At IFA 2018, we showcased the world’s first Mini LED Backlight TV and at CES 2019, we brought Mini LED to our X Series. Shortly after this, we were the first to achieve mass production of Mini LED TVs and we launched the world’s first Mini LED TV, the X10, globally.

“In 2020, we successfully put Mini LEDs on glass, or what we refer to as our Vidrian Mini LED technology. This year at CES 2021, we took another step forward by minimising the distance between the Mini LED backlight layer and the LCD display layer to 0mm.

“With this breakthrough, we introduced TCL OD Zero Mini LED technology and I am proud to present the latest additions to the TCL X Series, the TCL Mini LED 8K TV, the X925 Pro with OD Zero Mini LED technology, and the TCL Mini LED 8K TV, the X925.”

Combining Mini LED, QLED and 8K technology

Described as “a huge breakthrough” for the Mini LED TV industry by Abreu, TCL Mini LED together with QLED and 8K technology, claims to outperform organic light-emitting TVs in many aspects, allowing superior contrast, clarity and a truly immersive viewing experience.

“The X925 Pro’s sleek ultra-thin profile is credit to TCL OD Zero Mini LED technology and its brushed anodised aluminium body helps it seamlessly blend into any environment. The X925 Pro also has a reflective acoustic design ensuring the sound from the speakers are reflected directly to the viewer offering a superior audio experience,” Abreu said.

“Evolving from previous LED technology, the X925 Pro has a straight down backlight mode that significantly reduces the grain size of each LED to 700 times smaller than conventional LED. This allows more control zones to achieve better contrast and more brightness to deliver a more realistic picture. The X Series Mini LED technology allows the brightness to be adjusted in real-time alongside corresponding backlight areas for more accurate contrast in very dark and very light scenes.

“There is increased demand for TVs with better clarity and we believe that ultimate picture quality must be an 8K TV which is why our X Series includes 8K technology. Both the X925 Pro and X925 are certified by the 8K Association to ensure a true 8K experience. They also offer 8K upscaling for non-8K content to be optimised to the best picture clarity.

“TCL has been a pioneer of QLED technology since 2014 and is becoming the benchmark to premium colour performance. The X Series offers excellent picture quality by enhancing colour volume to more than 100% with more than one billion colours, and all images are reproduced with exceptional 3D-like depth.

“So what if we put Mini LED and QLED together? Colour reproduction is improved and its added richer, more accurate colours in the sharp black with incredibly sharp brightness. If you combine these technologies with 8K, it takes the viewing experience to the max, delivering a far more superior performance than you would get from similar TV models in the market,” he continued.

The X Series comes equipped with an industry-leading sound system featuring hardware from Onkyo and sound technology including Dolby Atmos, supported by X925 Pro’s 5.1.2 channel audio, 25 speakers, 160 watts audio output and X925’s 2.1 channel audio and 60 watts output.

“Beyond superior picture and audio, the X Series also comes with several entertainment features. Both the X925 Pro and X925 come with a Game Master package that includes HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6 for a smoother experience thanks to their low input lag. The X Series also incorporate VRR, ALLM, eARC combined with 8K clarity and deep HDR dimensionality. The X Series also incorporate 120Hz MEMC that reduces colour trailing, blurring and judder, ideal when playing racing games,” Abreu said.

Customers who purchase the X Series will be one of the first to experience the brand-new Google TV with aggregated content options across streaming services that are organised and intelligently picked for each viewer. Built-in Google Assistant helps find movies or gives weather updates through voice commands.

The Magic Camera fuses TV and social interactions allowing more connection possibilities, while Google Duo makes video calls even easier. The X Series also comes pre-programmed with a range of gesture instructions, offering another way to interact with the TV on top of using the remote control and voice commands.