TCL has introduced a family-friendly technology bundle featuring the new Alcatel Tkee Mini Tablet and previously launched TCL MT40 Family Watch, with both products designed with connectivity and safety at the forefront for children and parents.

The Alcatel Tkee Mini Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet with an easy to-use interface, parental controls, site filtering and 30-minute alerts for screen breaks. It also alerts the user if they are closer than 25cm from the screen and offers an ergonomically designed tablet stand for ideal viewing posture.

With the Kidomi premium content platform, children have access to a selection of games and interactive books handpicked by educational experts. The tablet is powered by a 2580mAh battery for a full day of use.

Incorporating a colourful, sturdy, and rugged silicone bumper case with soft rounded corners, the tablet is strong enough to endure more than 1,000 drop tests from 30cm, 60cm and 100cm.

The TCL MT40 Family Watch (pictured below) is a smartwatch for children that offers extensive parental controls, video call functionality with a built-in camera and 4G connectivity and the ability to send pictures, voice messages and emojis to a secure list of pre-approved contacts. The watch is IP65 rated, has a replaceable band and 1.3-inch colour display with changeable watch face.

With the TCL Connect app and SOS button, the MoveTime Family Watch can find children with its precise geolocation and when customised geofencing areas are set, notifications will be sent if a child leaves the safe zones. Its built-in pedometer tracks steps and distance walked, and children can compete in activity rankings with friends and set new goals.

“As a father, knowing my children are safe in the real world and online is my number one priority,” TCL Mobile vice president and managing director for South-East Asia and Pacific, Sam Skontos said.

“We are proud to be in a position to offer these two products together, so that Australian families have an affordable option to invest in technology that is built for children, with parental needs in mind.
In the digital world we live in, the bundle presents a great option for younger families, with children that might not yet be ready for their first smartphone.

“It provides a way for these kids to stay connected with their parents as they head to kindergarten or prep-school with the smartwatch, as well as the option to play and learn at home with the tablet, in a way that removes the worry of the unfiltered and unseemly side of the internet that is all too easily stumbled upon with a typical tablet or phone.” The TCL Kids Bundle is available from Big W for a special introductory price of $229 until 30 July. Following the sale, the bundle will be available for $279.