Panasonic Australia yesterday launched new home appliance products across its laundry, air conditioning, small appliance, personal care and cordless phone ranges. Furthermore, Panasonic gave a preview for its new refrigerator range, due to be released in March 2012.

Over the next few editions of, we’ll look at these new products category by category.

In air conditioning, Panasonic has 12 models, four of which are to be released in October 2012. There are two new reverse cycle inverter models (E Series) and two new cooling only models (S Series).

The reverse cycle range comes under Panasonic’s EcoNavi branding. Panasonic product marketing manager 0- air conditioning, Shane Quinn, said EcoNavi refers to ‘smart’ technology that maximises the energy efficiency of the air conditioners.

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An example of this in the E Series of air conditioners is a sensor in the units that can monitor how many people are in a room, and how much activity is going on, and then adjust the temperature accordingly. When activity in the room is low, cooling is decreased. When no people are sensed in the room, the air conditioners automatically switch to a less powerful cooling mode.

Built into these air conditioners is Panasonic’s Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor. This function can detect bad odours, dust, bacteria and viruses in the room, attract them into the machine and then deactivate them.

Panasonic has also updated its air con app, which it says helps consumers choose the right air conditioner for their needs. In addition to being available on the App Store for iPhones and iPads, the application is now available for Android devices via the Market and for PCs on the Panasonic Australia website.

The Panasonic air conditioner range:

EcoNavi Reverse Cycle E Series:

CS/CU-E9MKR – RRP $1,275
CS/CU-E12MKR – RRP $1,495
CS/CU-E15MKR – RRP $1,671
CS/CU-E18MKR – RRP $2,078
CS/CU-E21MKR – RRP $2,254
CS/CU-E24MKR – RRP $2,540
CS/CU-E28MKR – RRP $3,266

Cooling Only S Series:

CS/CU-S9MKR – RRP $1,066
CS/CU-S12MKR – RRP $1,308
CS/CU-S18MKR – RRP $1,810
CS/CU-S24MKR – RRP $2,254
CS/CU-S28MKR – RRP $2,826

The new Panasonic CS/CU-E12MKR with EcoNavi technology.