By Patrick Avenell

Panasonic today officially unveiled the new Lumix GX1, the premium compact camera in Panasonic's Micro Four-Thirds range.

Aimed at prosumers and camera enthusiasts, the GX1 is set to capitalise on the “unprecedented growth” in the mirrorless camera market, according to group marketing manager Alastair Robins.

This market growth is attributed to mirrorless cameras' smaller size, attractive design and the significant technological advances in compact system camera image capturing, Robins said.

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Speaking specifically about the GX1, Robins said it would appeal to consumers due to its image quality and responsiveness, the advanced functionality when compared to similar cameras on the market, its “stylish and ergonomic design”, and its convenient, “pocketable” form factor.

Robins demonstrated some of his favourite features of the GX1, such as the level gauge for tripod use; fast autofocus; and multiple zoom functions; including Zoom Resume, where the camera remembers your zoom level when turning the camera back on and zoom speeds so that still image zooming can be fast but video zooming can be slower to prevent unsettlingly rapid movements.

The GX1 will be available in December for RRP $899 (black, body only), $999 (black, body plus 14-42mm), and $1,199 (black and silver, new 14-42mm powerzoom).

The new Lumix GX1 cameras in black and silver.