By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: West Australian retailers are looking to the sky for greater profitability, with several retailers now selling solar panels alongside the panels, fridges and vacuum cleaners most commonly associated with retail consumer electronics.

Retravision WA is now heavily promoting its Solar products, which are available to consumers for $0 upfront and five years interest free (through GE Money). These panels are supplied by Bright Generation, with brands including TiSun, Motech and Ever Solar.

Bright Generation CEO Andrew Hall told that due to Bright Generation’s scientific heritage in solar, his organisation has links to the best solar brands in the world. In addition to the aforementioned brands, Bright Generation will soon also be wholesaling the Bosch brand. Hall said brand choice was significant in solar, as there are too many ‘fly by nighters’ with inferior products that will disappear before warranties can be serviced.

“There are 600-800 solar brands in China but there are only four worth dealing with,” he said.

This is important for selling solar at retail level, such as in a Retravision store, as those consumers need and expect warranty provision. To that end, Hall said Bright Generation and Retravision WA will both provide warranties on these panels.

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Also investing in solar panels is Kambos Malaga which, whilst part of the Retravision WA family, has opted for SunPower, which is an American company with a very good reputation for its proprietary products.

Western Australia regional sales manager Alex Flores told that SunPower is a premium brand, comparable to Miele’s stature in the appliance industry, that requires sales staff that know how to sell premium products.

Furthermore, Flores said that SunPower’s panels were able to produce the most power of all panels currently on the market.

Retailers such as Kambos that choose to sell SunPower products enter into a partnership agreement. SunPower provides sales training, marketing collateral and consultancy for the retailer.

Both SunPower and Bright Generation are in talks with retail groups in other states, with more retail announcements expected shortly.

Retravision WA did not return’s phone calls.