By Claire Reilly

The Electronic Entertainment Expo — better known as E3 — has kicked off in Los Angeles this week, with two of the major names in console gaming taking to the stage to generate some buzz around their next generation consoles.

First Microsoft, then Sony, held large scale press conferences to spruik their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles respectively. Both these consoles have been previously announced, with consumers and gaming fans giving varying degrees of information and insight about what the new devices would offer.

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The Xbox One was originally revealed last month, with Microsoft giving consumers a first look at the device and its specs, as well as the features and game that would be rolled out with the console. The brand today announced pricing and availability for the Xbox One, which will go on sale in Australia in November 2013 for RRP $599 (AUD), according to a press release from Microsoft Australia.

Sony on the other hand used its February announcement of the PlayStation 4 to reveal the brand’s new DualShock 4 controller alone. Today, the brand unveiled the full console, and announced a number of new games that would be available on the device.

In looks, the PS4 does not differ greatly from the Xbox One — a large black console box, half gloss and half matte — but the price offers a point of difference from the Xbox. Sony today announced that the PS4 would go on sale “in the US and Europe this holiday season” with a price tag of USD $399 — $100 cheaper than the US price tag for the Xbox.

There is no word yet on local availability, but a cheaper US price for the PS4 will no doubt translate to a cheaper price in the local market, which is sure to please gamers.

UPDATE: It was perhaps a bit much to ask that Australian consumers could expect a $399 price tag on the PlayStation 4 in Australian stores. Since this morning's press conference in the US, PlayStation Australia has released the price for Australian consumers, confirming an RRP of $549 to local media and to consumers through its Australian twitter account.


The new PlayStation 4.