Following the opening event for Winnings Redfern, Appliance Retailer contacted key suppliers for comment on the launch and significance of the new showroom.

Electrolux managing director for Australia and New Zealand Kurt Hegvold said it was an impressive event marking the launch of not only a flagship venue in Australia, but one of the best showrooms and consumer experience centres on a global stage.

“John, Harry and the whole Winnings team have delivered a space to stimulate the senses and spark the imagination of consumers, suppliers, and the building, design and architect community,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“In a more turbulent time and marketplace, it’s inspiring to see our retail partners bring investment and opportunity to life for the whole industry. We’re excited to see the success that this beautiful new venue will no doubt enjoy. Congratulations to the whole Winnings organisation.”

Electrolux director of sales, Chris Coen added: “We’re extremely proud of being able to partner with the Winning Group in the reimagination of the Redfern showroom. Congratulations to John, Harry and the entire Winnings team on hosting a fantastic event to support the launch of another amazing premium shopping experience. We look forward to sharing in the successes together.”

Smeg Australia managing director, Wayne Campbell said the Winnings team has created an impressive destination to showcase premium appliances and a unique shopping experience for consumers and commercial clients. 

“We’ve received great feedback on our display, which showcases all Smeg aesthetic collections in a fresh yet luxurious manner and look forward to continuing our long-term business relationship with the Winning family,” he told Appliance Retailer.

BSH general manager of retail, Robert Warner believes the Winnings Redfern showroom has been transformed from a state-of-the-art appliance showroom to a truly immersive design space.

“It challenges conventional retail strategy and delivers an experience that is completely unique in our industry. There is a luxurious sophistication that is both authentic and warm that will delight visitors and provide inspiration for architects, designers and end consumers alike.

“I congratulate John, Kate, Harry and the entire Winnings team for their vision, creativity and passion to deliver stage one of this project. I look forward to the completion of stage two and the realisation of a new way of retailing for Australian consumers,” he told Appliance Retailer.

Asko national sales manager, Rob Butchatsky congratulated John, Harry, Kate and the entire Winnings team on raising the bar in what was already a best-in-class showroom in Redfern.

“The expansion into other categories will now allow customers to shop for their entire home and we are excited to be a part of the new fit-out. We’re thrilled with our own execution and look forward to the support of the capable Redfern team getting behind ASKO with the doors officially back open,” he said.

Miele Australia managing director, Yves Dalcourt described the showroom as a “masterpiece with an offering of elegance throughout. Well done Herman and the team”.

V-ZUG managing director, Nic Naes said Winnings has set a new benchmark again.

“Most people thought that previous Redfern execution was already world class, but it was not good enough for Winnings. This is one of the reasons we admire and partner with Winnings, forever evolving, superb showrooms, beautiful environments for V-ZUG. Congratulations to the Winning family, Kate McGlone, and the team at CeraStribley on another flawless showroom delivery,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“From a V-ZUG perspective, we are proud to take this showroom launch opportunity with the first installation of our all-new 90cm Grande CombiSteam, the first and only combi steam oven of this dimension. The feedback throughout the evening was overwhelming. Our brand display is deliberately sectioned off to showcase two of our colours in-situ, with the platinum grey appliances on centre stage within custom stained ash oak joinery and river washed porcelain surfaces.

“V-ZUG supreme cooling remains beautifully integrated and non-intrusive. Our sincere thanks to Carole Whiting and team for working with us on yet another beautiful V-ZUG display…quite possibly the best to date. V-ZUG will complement the strong Winnings presence in Sydney with our own Studio opening in Surry Hills later this year.”

Blanco general manager, Gerard Gill said, “It was a great re-opening of Sydney’s premium appliance showroom which now provides a unique shopping experience across kitchen, bathroom and furniture showcasing the best brands available. I am looking forward to the opening of phase two.”

Andi-Co national sales manager for residential, Joanne Edwards said, “It was great to see the Redfern store open and the amazing brands and displays they have on offer. Congratulations to John, Harry and the team. We wish them every success for the store.” 

Bertazzoni general manager of sales, George Alikakos told Appliance Retailer it was an exceptional launch event of a visionary showroom. “Both consumers and designers have the ability to style spaces from top to bottom with the finest detail.”

Qasair director, John Keating said the company is proud to have engineered, manufactured, supplied, and commissioned the Culinary Theatre rangehood for Winnings Redfern.

“We were honoured to be asked by Winnings to help them achieve their vision. It was fantastic to attend the opening of their showroom. The Redfern showroom is an amazing and innovative retail space, and we look forward to working with Winnings on future projects,” he told Appliance Retailer.