A love of alfresco entertaining has seen the outdoor lifestyle market expand over recent years to include built-in cooking appliances, cabinetry, rangehoods, sinks, fridges and heating options, all designed close the gap between outdoor kitchens and their indoor counterparts.

While in the process of designing a custom made outdoor oasis it is important not to overlook a critical element of good entertaining: music.

Specifically designed for outdoor entertaining the SonArray SR1 outdoor speaker system (RRP $3,695) from Sonance, resembles periscopes that provide crisp sound to medium to large areas.

Sonarray system installed
SonArray system installed

Distributed by Amber Technology,  the waterproof SonArray SR1 includes eight satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer to deliver high quality, consistent sound.

The brand recommends strategically dispersing the speakers throughout the outdoor entertaining area, some low to the ground, preferably within the garden foliage, and others mounted on higher levels such as tree branches or balconies.

BlueSound, distributed by Convoy, has also recently released a high-end speaker suitable for outdoor use. The Pulse (RRP $999) is a compact all-in-one streaming HD music player/speaker. Its portable design makes in suitable to be moved from indoors to outdoors.

BlueSound Pulse, RRP $999
BlueSound Pulse, RRP $999