The unmistakable combination of 50s style design and technology come together in a Smeg’s new hand mixer, the ultimate kitchen multi-tasker for a variety of sweet and savoury recipes from cakes, biscuits and meringue to pastry and doughs.

Designed in collaboration with deepdesign, Italy’s famed design studio, the hand mixer is both ergonomic and functional from the elegant chrome handle to the control panel with backlit LED display for user-friendly monitoring of speed and time. The hand mixer is available in Smeg’s signature colour palette: black, white, red, cream, pastel green, pastel pink and pastel blue and equipped with three stainless steel attachments: – whisks for airy whipped cream, meringue and sauces; flat beaters for biscuits and cakes; and dough hooks for pastry, bread and pizza bases.

The versatile 9-speed appliance is powered by a 250 watt motor with optimum torque for mixing the heaviest of doughs quickly and efficiently.  The HMF01 hand mixer is coming soon and will be available from Smeg small appliance retailers and priced at RRP $189.