By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Retravision recently announced the appointment of Paul Holt, CEO of Retravision (WA), as an executive director to the Retravision Board and its subsidiaries.

In a letter to Retravision members, chairman Bill Harries said “The Board verily believes that Paul’s appointment is, at this time, in the best interests of the business and Paul brings a level of independence and range of business experience required at this juncture.

“Recent challenges brought about from the Re-invention project led the Board to more deeply review our constitution and the corporate governance and conflict issues arising with a board substantially dominated by dealers who would be beneficiaries of the Re-invention project.

“Given the nature of certain key projects being undertaken by our organisation at this time, this appointment has been necessary to more closely align the Board construct with corporate governance requirements before us and those of the Retravision Constitution,” Harries said.

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Retravision has recently embarked on a rebranding of its company logo and website. The website features products across the audio visual, digital imaging, computing, whitegoods, seasonal and personal care categories. Products are not available for purchase through the site, and customers must call their local store for pricing.

Retravision's new company logo.