Hitachi Made in Japan refrigerators are designed for consumers who value high-end appliances with premium features and technologies, while catering to larger households looking for ample food and beverage storage.

Offering a sleek and elegant design, the Hitachi 735L Multi Drawer French Door Fridge is available in Crystal Mirror and Crystal Black finishes to suit any kitchen décor.

To ensure ingredients stay fresher for longer, the Sensor Cooling feature maintains the temperature at approximately 2°C on the two lower shelves. The sensor detects any temperature fluctuations and adjusts cooling power accordingly.

As well as preserving fresh ingredients, the fridge keeps cooked foods in optimal condition thanks to Delicious Freezing technology. This detects hot food and automatically switches the setting to freeze food more quickly to seal in original texture, flavour and nutritional value, while reducing moisture levels and ice crystal formation.

With Vacuum Preservation technology, an 18L platinum vacuum chamber maintains food in a dormant state, rather than simply freezing it. Enhanced with a Platinum Power Catalyst that effectively neutralises odours and minimises dehydration, thus extending shelf life. The sealed pressure-resistant vacuum ensures a controlled environment by extracting air and reducing oxygen levels to preserve freshness, enhance flavour presentation and facilitate quick seasoning.

The uniquely designed Aero-care Vege Compartment incorporates an improved airtight seal to increase and control humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for fresh produce.

In addition to better food preservation, Hitachi fridges incorporate a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) designed to save energy by preventing external heat from entering and internal cold air from escaping. Frost Recycle Cooling technology also helps reduce energy consumption.

For more intuitive and premium operation, LED lights automatically illuminate the door handles upon approach and Auto Door technology provides an effortless opening experience. The refrigerator or freezer door will automatically open at the touch of a button.

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