Sony has launched a two-channel portable receiver, supporting MI (Multi Interface) shoe with Digital Audio Interface. Other key features in the URX-P41D are the 4th Generation UWP-D Series with improved high sound quality from Digital Audio Processing, NFC Sync for quick and easy set-up from Receiver to Transmitter and functions such as Auto Gain mode and Output level control.

As part of the UWP-D Series, the URX-P41D will work with all UWP-D transmitters, backwards compatible with previous generations, and will be available as a stand-alone receiver and as part of a new kit, the UWP-D27, which includes two UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitter.

The receiver is said to be ideal for users from broadcast and news productions, to run and gun style interviews, documentaries and series productions.

Using the SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor enables direct digital audio recording and delivers high sound quality with low noise by skipping the D/A and A/D process. This interface is compatible with a wide range of Sony’s XDCAM camcorders and Alpha interchangeable lens cameras. It also integrates seamlessly with Sony’s camcorders and displays audio information on the viewfinder for enhanced usability in the field. 

By reducing the size of the receiver from previous generations, the URX-P41D can sit on top of the camera or ILC attached to the MI shoe or cold shoe allowing for improved balance on the camera.