Sony has added three models to its High-Power Audio Systems range with the MHC-V73D, MHC-V43D and MHC-V13, in a one-box style with a smaller footprint and portable design.

This new line-up features key upgrades for better power and improved sound quality, such as the high-efficiency tweeter that uses horn tweeters and high-efficiency midrange that uses mid horn speakers.

The V73D features four tweeters at the front and rear to expand the sound stage upward. Additionally, the midrange distributes sound from the front and the back of the speaker, covering a wide area with improved clarity for midrange frequencies.

The omni-directional Party Sound combines front and rear tweeters, the mid-range a woofer and jet bass booster that enables music to reach further and wider.

Sony MHC-V13 speaker

The V43D and V13 are equipped with two front tweeters that spread sound across any venue and there is a new ambient light mode on the new line-up to make it easier to transition from party mode to non-party mode.  The V73D and V43D also boast a new DSP reverb module in the Microphone Echo feature, blending vocals with background music to make the karaoke experience more seamless, mirroring the feeling of singing in a concert hall.

All three products within the new range allow for three different guitar modes for the ultimate jamming session comprising ‘clean’ for playing pop songs, ‘overdrive’ for rock and metal tracks and ‘bass’ for a bass guitar playing experience. There is also a Fiestable app with a ‘party playlist’ for budding DJs.

The V73D, V43D and V13 will be available in Australia from August 2020, for RRP $999, $799 and $469.