Sony recently announced several PC gaming peripherals as part of its new PC-specific Inzone brand, including three headsets coming to Australian retailers this month.

Included in the audio gear range are two wireless headsets, the Inzone H9 and H7, plus a wired option with the Inzone H3. Each headset delivers 360 Spatial Sound, a virtual 7.1 channel surround sound technology made for immersive gaming sessions. Additionally, flip-to-mute boom microphones enable multiplayer communication, and tuck away during solo play.

Billed as the premium model, the Inzone H9 provides noise cancellation features, including the same Dual Noise Sensor technology used by Sony’s 1000X series headphones. It also has soft-fit leather ear pads for comfort over prolonged use, with a single battery charge lasting up to 32 hours. 

Comparatively, the H7 retains the same wireless functionality, including Bluetooth and PC connectivity using a 2.4GHz USB dongle, but does not include noise cancellation. Instead, its battery lasts for a longer 40 hours, with ear pads made from smooth nylon.

From a build perspective, the wired Inzone H3 headset adopts the same smooth nylon ear pad material as the H7. One difference is that the H3 uses a unidirectional boom microphone instead of the bidirectional version used by the two wireless models. All three Inzone headsets can use the Inzone Hub PC software for greater customisation and to enable 360 Spatial Sound. Although aimed at the PC gaming market, each model also supports PlayStation 5 connectivity.

“With Sony’s strong history of high-end audio and visual technology products, we believe this new line will offer even more options for those looking to upgrade their current gaming systems,” Sony Corporation head of game business and marketing office, Yukihiro Kitajima said.

“We are committed to contributing to the growth of gaming culture by providing PC and PlayStation gamers with a wider range of options to enrich lives through gaming.”

The announcement signals a diversification of Sony’s gaming products, which has previously focused on console gaming. Arriving in Australia from late July, the Inzone headset range starts at $149.95 for the H3, $349.95 for the H7, and $449.95 for the H9. Overseas, Sony also revealed the Inzone M9 and M3 gaming monitors, although local release details are currently unknown.