Sonos has announced its latest addition to the home theatre audio range with the Sonos Ray, a compact soundbar at an affordable price, in addition to new colour options for the Sonos Roam portable smart speaker.

As the company’s smallest soundbar so far, the Sonos Ray features higher quality audio than in-built TV speakers, with solid bass and crisp dialogue among the highlights. To assist with dialogue clarity, the soundbar has a Speech Enhancement feature so you can pick up on every word, and the Night Sound mode lowers loud sounds to avoid disturbing others at home. 

Aimed at improving the home theatre experience, the Sonos Ray is a versatile audio device to suit different purposes.

“Homes have become movie theatres, fitness studios, gaming hubs and so much more, all supported by a streaming era that is no longer exclusive to just TV, music and film. Ray makes it easier than ever to enhance those listening experiences, thanks to its smaller size and impressive sound,” Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said.

Sonos products are tuned with input from what the company calls the Sonos Soundboard, a collection of industry sound experts from music and film, to produce the standard for its speakers, including the Sonos Ray. Users can also use the Trueplay app to further tune the audio to suit any given room.

Connectivity is a major focus of the company’s speakers, meaning the Sonos Ray can connect to other Sonos devices wirelessly such as a pair of Sonos Ones for a surround sound setup. Plus, users can control the Sonos Ray with either an existing TV remote, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2 and other methods.

Alongside the Sonos Ray announcement, three new colour variants for the portable Sonos Roam speakers were unveiled, adding to the black and white options: Olive, Wave, and Sunset.

Available from 7 June, the Sonos Ray soundbar will retail for $399, providing the cheapest soundbar product from the company so far. Previous Sonos soundbars include the Sonos Beam at a price of $699 while the high-end Sonos Arc costs $1,499. The new Sonos Roam colours will launch on 17 June for $299 each.