In collaboration with Studio Stefano Boeri Interiors, Smeg unveiled ‘Isola: Where technology and design shape new horizons’, a collection of induction cooktops and suspended rangehood system, with a revolutionary luminous design, at Eurocucina 2024.

Drawing on inspiration from other iconic Smeg products, Isola uses soft and unique lines to give shape to a product with a recognisable character and timeless design. Thanks to the rounded edges and lighting surrounding the perimeter of the cooktop, the ceramic glass surface emerges as a focal point.

Differentiating itself from induction cooktops, Isola has a raised view which elevates its place in the kitchen. State-of-the-art technologies and dedicated cooking functions make the product easy to use, efficient and silent, guaranteeing more accurate temperature control and cooking times up to three times faster than traditional technologies.

The LED light can remain switched on regardless of cooktop use, and thanks to its adjustable light intensity, offers layered lighting options. Offering an accompaniment to Isola cooktops are the rangehoods of the same collection. The Isola rangehoods also feature rounded edges, are equipped with lighting with adjustable intensity and an elegant metal touch display with intuitive operation.

Pricing and launch timelines for Australia are yet to be confirmed.