The future of cooking has arrived with the introduction of Smeg Galileo. Inspired by the father of modern science, the new technology represents the culmination of Italian design, innovation and culinary excellence.

The completely redesigned oven cavity offers traditional, steam and microwave technology used singly, sequentially or simultaneously with the added option of next level in-oven barbecue, air fry and stone cooking.

Employing professional algorithms, the in-home cooking experience has been redefined and revolutionised to provide consumers with the confidence to explore and expand their culinary repertoire. Galileo offers the power of up to seven cooking technologies in one appliance, allowing consumers to stretch their culinary boundaries while saving up to 70% of time.

Also on offer is Multistep, a culinary multi-tasker, especially designed for notoriously complicated recipes with set and forget capability for temperature, duration and cooking technology. Another clever feature is Sametime, the ultimate cooking coordinator, for a feast timed to perfection.

Smeg Galileo multi-cooking technology is available from June across the Dolce Stil Novo and Linea collections.