SOFIHUB, an Australian manufacturer of smart technology for the world’s aging population, has experienced strong sales growth in Q1 compared to the previous quarter, after signing partnerships with JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman and enhancing its website as consumers increasingly choose to transact online during COVID-19.

SOFIHUB provides a completely non-invasive solution via smart motion sensors and spoken word reminders resulting in a unique layer of additional security for family, friends and carers.

“Partnerships with the likes of JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman are essential and will cut down the number of steps needed to purchase SOFIHUB given their market presence,” general manager and chief sales officer, Trevor Rooney (pictured above) told Appliance Retailer.

“While the last few months has seen us focus on our digital and online sales pathways, we will be launching new experiential point of sale activations that are set to debut in October. These POS elements will make it possible for more consumers to see the tangible benefits of SOFIHUB and make it easier to understand the immediate relevance of the products.”

SOFIHUB is unique in the local technology space because it is not just a hardware or a software provider – it is both.

“Each side of our business, the physical and the digital, allows us to deliver a service that is simple, easy and adaptable so that we can cater to what our customers need now and in the future.”

When asked how COVID-19 has impacted the retail landscape and consumer spending behaviour, Rooney said it has encouraged retailers to take their online presence more seriously with many focusing on products and solutions that are able to help during these challenging times.

“With so many choosing to stay at home and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, technology solutions that support and connect us are now high on the list for consumers,” he said.

“Our SOFIHUB home product caters to this current consumer trend as it not only helps people to be more comfortable at home while ensuring they maintain their habits and vital routines such as taking medications, but it also allows families and carers to communicate directly through text-to-voice integration.”

According to Rooney, awareness of smart technology for the aged and disability sector will grow exponentially as a new level of understanding evolves.

“The knowledge that this technology exists and has the potential to enhance lives on a daily basis will reach a greater audience as we continue to educate the community and share the positive end user experiences we’ve had.”

He said consumers need to understand that this is not just a category for the elderly – it offers users independence, support and peace of mind inside and outside the home, and this extends to families, carers and support networks.

“Education is important as it can highlight and reveal the benefits smart technology can offer, whether it be simple reminders throughout the day or constant non-invasive monitoring. A clever retailer will understand and embrace the need to cater to this and will actively seek to partner with innovative brands that provide unique and exciting solutions thus to satisfy their customers.”

“The kind of smart, adaptive tech solutions we create can be a game changer to a wider community, whether they have a disability, a degenerative condition or are in any other situation that requires additional care. Outside of the ‘care’ side of our portfolio, we are expanding our product range to include SOFIHUB secure, a personal alert device based off our SOFIHUB beacon design that caters to the more adventurous and outdoorsy user.”