By Patrick Avenell

More compartments, more doors and more consistent cooling. That was the message from LG Electronics and brand ambassador Matt Moran and the launch yesterday of the new Side-by-Side Door in Door refrigerator. This model joins the previously released French Door models in LG’s Door in Door range.

While French Door refrigeration is booming across suppliers, regardless of whether there is a second door in the door, LG is offering a Side by Side model for users that prefer a vertical freezer compartment over the drawer freezers prevalent in French Door designs.

This new model includes a trapdoor-style opening on the top right of the unit for fast access to frequently required products without compromising the overall cooling of the refrigerator. LG quoted internal research that said around 1,000 items of food are thrown out each year by each household. LG believes increasing the fridge-life of foodstuffs through better cooling will save consumers money over the long term.

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This refrigerator has a width of 912 millimetres and a total capacity of 661 litres. Inside the fridge compartment of this model in an adjustable shelves and an adjustable basket, both of which can be moved to accommodate unusually shaped items.

The ice maker has been placed in the freezer door to free up extra space in that compartment and there is LG’s “Pure N Fresh Filter Technology” to prevent odours from circulating.

LG describes the exterior of the fridge as having a “Stainless Look Finish”.

Speaking of his love of LG refrigeration was celebrity chef and restaurateur Matt Moran. He started by stressing that his love could not be bought by an unworthy brand.

“I have knocked back a lot of brand endorsements — 99 per cent — because they do not align to my brand or my philosophy,” Moran said. “LG is innovative and creative and quality, and that is what I am all about.

“If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t have it in my home.”

Moran said reliable refrigeration was an essentially ingredient of gastronomy.

“A lot of people say that I am anally retentive when it comes to refrigeration and how I organise things. If you store a pizza in the fridge overnight, the flavours will come out and circulate – that doesn’t happen in my fridge — because I like to keep things in order, and having more compartments in your fridge is better – this fridge has so many compartments.

“Loss of refrigeration is so important for chefs in a kitchen because are trying to prolong the shelf life of everything that you have and the more you open the fridge the more hot air goes into it. I’ve been notorious over the last 25 years; I’ve screamed at people for leaving the coolroom ajar just a little bit.”

LG’s first Side-by-Side Door in Door model (GR-D257SL, RRP $3,499) will be shipping to retailers in early March.

LG's first Side-by-Side Door in Door refrigerator.