Nikon introduces Nikon 1, a revolutionary digital camera system built from scratch to offer still image and movie recording without compromise. This next generation pioneers amazing photography features such as pre-post capture technology that starts before you – enabling groundbreaking new shooting modes that mean you’ll never miss a thing – even the most fleeting of moments, bringing shots to life to help you to capture images you didn’t think possible


Launching with two cameras equipped with pioneering image technology — the Nikon 1 V1 and the Nikon 1 J1 — Nikon 1 sets a new benchmark for speed, precision, innovation, and portability. Offering the world’s fastest autofocus system and continuous shot, as well as innovative shooting modes, uniquely compact 1 NIKKOR lenses and Nikon 1 accessories, Nikon 1 redefines what a portable digital camera system can do.
James Murray, Nikon Australia General Manager Sales & Marketing : “We are very excited to announce Nikon 1. Nikon has always been a leader in optical technology and we expect Nikon 1 to revolutionise the way people view and use their cameras. Nikon 1 is neither DSLR nor compact, it’s the best of both worlds – with advanced features and functionality in a portable, sleek and stylish body.”

First of the First: Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens (A-CIL)
The launch of Nikon 1 heralds more than simply the introduction of a new camera range — it marks the launch of a whole new category that Nikon has named the Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens (A-CIL). Built to bring incredible levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment to the way you capture your world, these portable A-CIL Nikon 1 cameras offer a brand new shooting experience.


Changing everything: Pre-post capture technology
The Nikon 1 range has a processor that is many times faster than the most professional cameras and this unprecedented speed powers some never-before-seen functions. Equipped with pre-post capture technology, Nikon 1 cameras are the first interchangeable lens cameras that can start recording images before you fully press the shutter button, and continue after you’ve clicked. These cameras don’t just manipulate light – they redefine photography by manipulating time, letting you capture those few moments before, or after, a photograph was taken.
Groundbreaking automatic shooting modes: images as never before

Motion Snapshot (MSS) brings a photo to life in just one click.
Smart Photo Selector (SPS) captures the perfect moment in any scene
Still image mode will make you a master of movement as you switch to shooting sharp, full-resolution shots of the action at up to 60 frames per second.
Movie mode opens up a host of advanced movie functions.
The world’s fastest autofocus system
Equipped with a revolutionary super high-speed AF image system that boasts the most focus points in the world, this sensor keeps your subject in focus in any situation.  If you’re shooting shiny or moving subjects, it switches to the 73-point Phase-Detection AF system. If your subject is stationary, or poorly lit, it will opt for the 135-point Contrast Detect AF system. Whichever system the camera chooses, the quick shot-to-shot turnaround gives you the freedom to shoot moments as they unfold, and Phase-Detection AF is available during movie recording for sharply focused action scenes every time.

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