Signify is introducing its most energy efficient lightbulb rang, the Philips’ Ultra Efficient LED, providing more sustainable, efficient lighting solutions with a 50,000-hour lifetime, or an average of 50 years.

The range uses new technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce material waste and lower energy usage and reflects Philips’ commitment to sustainability, with Signify certificated carbon neutral in September 2020.

The new Philips Ultra Efficient LED bulbs – which meet the Philips EyeComfort criteria – are the brand’s most energy-efficient lamps in this shape and boast three times longer lifespan than Philips LED’s regular A-shape equivalents.

Research commissioned by Signify found that two millions of Australians (10%) avoid changing light bulbs at home and 12% admit they’d be likely to sit in the dark rather than change the globe.

Signify business unit leader for LED lamps and luminaires, Michael Rombouts said, “Our passion for a better and more sustainable world pushed us to further innovate and increase the energy efficiency of our LED lighting. With this technological breakthrough, we created our most energy-efficient lamp in this shape yet, while maintaining the same high quality of LED lighting that our customers are used to.”

The new Philips’ Ultra Efficient LED lightbulb range is available in store and from from RRP $15.