BSH has confirmed the key features of the Siemens range of studioLine iQ700 ovens landing locally in early 2023.

BSH category manager, Christine Haas and product coordinator, Franklin Percy provided major retail groups including Winning Appliances, e&s and Spartan, as well as guests from Harvey Norman Commercial, designers and kitchen specifiers, with an overview of the new ovens during a series of showcase events at the West Side Place property development in Melbourne.

Connectivity and automation

“This new Siemens iQ700 range is exciting from a connectivity and automation perspective. Not least because every single appliance in the range down to the warming drawers is connected by a single app. I think this Siemens iQ700 range really makes meaningful strides into a frictionless connected ecosystem and lifestyle that technology consumers are beginning to expect. It has the same great functionality as the previous range, but everything is elevated.

“So for instance, you can still ask Alexa to make a latte using voice control, but now it goes a step further, you can say, ‘hey, ask my oven assistant how to bake pizza’. And it will walk you through the cooking process. It comes with the ability to update its software in the background and users can also download additional programs to the oven so it always feels fresh and innovative years after the purchase date boosting post purchase value creation by being more than what’s just in the box,” Percy said.

Individual Browning

“We’re proud to announce a brand new feature to the Australian market called Individual Browning. The flagship oven in the line-up has a camera in the cavity, which not only gives you a look-in to see how dinner is tracking from anywhere, it will also effectively cook dinner for you, redefining what an automated kitchen can do.

“It does this by continuously monitoring the food that’s in the appliance, using artificial intelligence to determine the perfect time to stop the cooking process, and then powering down when dinner is good to go. You can select how brown you’d like your bread rolls, or how crispy you’d like your pizza from levels one through five. You can do this on the appliance itself, or through the Home Connect app from anywhere.”

Siemens studioLine oven HN978GQB1B.

Full Steam Plus and Plumbed Full Steam

“We have introduced a new feature in this range called Full Steam Plus which provides steam at 120 degrees providing all of the benefits of healthy steam cooking sealing in nutrients and vitamins in up to 50 percent less time. We are also excited to offer a plumbed full steam 60cm model, to provide premium cooking to a wider market,” Haas said.

Airfry functionality

“As part of the current healthy cooking trend, we are really excited to bring the airfryer functionality into Siemens with selected models, and for those without this function, it can be downloaded through the Home Connect app,” Haas said.

Siemens studioLine oven HS958GDD1S.

Cool Start

“Most of you are probably familiar with the cool start feature, which is one of the unique Siemens functions which eliminates pre-heating so you can cook faster, even with frozen food,” Haas said.

Combination Microwave Cooking

“We have microwave combination cooking available at various speeds which combines microwave and traditional heating to cook up to 50% faster,” Haas said.


BSH has defined the specific type of consumer that would be interested in the iQ700 studioLine ovens.

“These products speak to an urban lifestyle of busy, hard-working, tech savvy young professionals, who are well organised, but time-poor. Now they can start cooking dinner in the oven on the way home from work, knowing that they’ll get home to something that’s perfectly cooked to their individual preference,” Percy said.