IFA 2019 - Siemens Pressekonferenz -

Previews new cooking and laundry products.

Siemens has announced a new motto: “metropolitan style of living”, the key principles of which are personalisation, digitalisation, and urbanisation, strongly influenced by the number of megacities worldwide.

Siemens managing director, Roland Hagenbucher said that new products launching at IFA in Berlin include the Active Light hob, which has been inspired by architectural design.

“Invisible when not in use, blending into the kitchen counter, its 80x80cm glass ceramic surface is turned into a screen when in use. The user interface is intuitive, offering maximum cooking freedom through the VarioMotion feature, so that various pots and pans can be placed on top of it at will. Other features include activeLight and varioInduction plus,” he said.

Hagenbucher also previewed the iQ800 Premium washing range, where the washing machine and dryer work together to ensure a seamless clean.

“iDos technology means the laundry liquid only needs to be refilled after 20 uses, and the level of dirt is calculated, meaning only the exact amount of liquid is applied, guaranteeing sustainability along with its A+++ energy efficiency,” he said.

“SensoFresh applies a gentle wash to delicate items, practically eliminating the need for dry cleaning services. The dryer’s lint trap is also self-cleaning, and its SmartFinish replaces ironing. When IntelligentDry is in use, the dryer and washing machine communicate information about the exact programme and amount of clothes is transmitted so that the clothes are dried at an appropriate level.”

Hagenbucher demonstrated the first oven with a door that can be opened via voice control – without the user having to lift a single finger.

“Fingers covered in dough and the heavy baking tray in both hands – how great it would be if the oven door simply opened on command,” he said.

Using an Alexa speaker, Hagenbucher said: “Alexa, tell the oven to open sesame,” and the oven door opened.

“It’s not just for ovens that voice control is a hot topic that’s developing at a rapid pace. Most connected Siemens home appliances like cookers, coffee machines, extractor hoods, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers can now be controlled via the currently established voice assistants. Voice control of home appliances is now even possible via smartwatches,” he added.