By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: In a break from the high concept launches that have heralded the launches of smartphones in 2011, Samsung opted for a lo-fi press release this morning to announce the exclusive availability of the new Galaxy Ace handset through Telstra.

The Ace sits below the Galaxy S II, which will be released next week, though it is a fully fledged smartphone and not comparable to any of the low-end models that have been flooding the market recently.

Running off Android 2.2 (Froyo) and an 800Mhz processor, the Ace has a 3.5-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen, 5MP camera with LED flash and 2GB memory expandable to 32GB through MicroSD.

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Samsung’s SocialHub platform integrates contacts and calendars and included a unified mailbox. Swype text entry is included for writing messages for other people to receive.

Other features include turn-by-turn navigation by Navigon, Whereis search, Google voice search, Android browser, Bluetooth and USB. Thankfully, the days of proprietary headphone jacks are now officially over, so this mention of a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack is only to point out you can use it to listen to FM stereo radio and voice notes you have recorded on the inbuilt Dictaphone.

The Galaxy Ace can be purchased outright for RRP $528 or through one of Telstra’s Freedom Connect plans. There are also business plans available. 

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The new Samsung Galaxy Ace.