Seeley International’s energy-efficient 7-star equivalent* Braemar ducted gas heater has won an award for ‘Product Design: Hardware and Building’ category, at the 2015 Good Design Australia awards.

Seeley International unveils world first 7-Star heating technology under Braemar brand

These awards were first created in 1958 and are now regarded internationally as prestigious design awards, formally recognising the best in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level. Award winners were announced recently in Sydney and AR reported on the consumer electronics and domestic appliance winners here.

of Mr Con Cummings from Seeley International accepting the award on behalf of Mr Frank Seeley.
 Con Cummings from Seeley International accepting the award on behalf of  Frank Seeley.

Seeley International founder and Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley AM, welcomed the award saying: “It is very pleasing to receive external independent recognition of this amazing Braemar ducted gas heater and receive an award that pays tribute to our unwavering commitment to ever-continuing research, development and innovation.

“Home heating is one of the biggest domestic energy consumables, and savvy consumers can now confidently invest in an energy-efficient product to heat the entire home and save up to $438 per year in running costs when compared to a ducted reverse cycle heater,” he said.**

“The only downside to our new heater – if you can call it that – is that the bar has been raised so high when it comes to energy efficient performance, that it now exceeds the star ratings system currently in use across Australia and has prompted a review,” he added.

The 7-star Braemar ducted gas heater, which is manufactured by Seeley International at its factory in Albury, is available in a 26.6kW capacity with natural gas. Its features include the recently-released MagIQtouch touch screen controller, optional zoning for up to ten areas, an inverter motor for ducted gas heating and on/off programmable settings. It also has a 7-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year heat exchanger and burner warranty period.

*Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association’s calculated tests.
**Seeley International’s calculation, using publicly available data (2013) adjusted to the Braemar 7-star equivalent ducted gas heater, compared to an electric reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system with COP of 3.4, for a heated area of 250 m2. Based on 900 hours running per year. Peak electricity tariff – 27.7 c/kWh. Off-peak electricity tariff – 16.6 c/kWh. Marginal natural gas tariff – 1.50 c/MJ. Actual costs for your house will depend on the area heated, how long you run the heating for, your thermostat settings, how well insulated the house is, your energy tariffs and your local climate.