By Patrick Avenell

Trend Micro yesterday launched its new PC and Android mobile security products, with the digital security provider clearly focused on maximising retail sales of its new software.

As with rival security firms AVG and Norton (Symantec), Trend Micro has identified Android as the most susceptible mobile operating system for malware and nefarious applications, with critical mass uptake also providing a significant potential client base Trend Micro’s new Mobile Security product, which has been designed for both mobile phones and tablets (from Android Version 2.2 and up).

In addition to providing app scanning to verify the safety of the apps running on a handset, Mobile Security also provides secure web browsing, calling and SMS, under its Surf, Call, Text Security feature. The biggest threat to security, however, is not malicious software but lost or stolen phones, according to ANZ consumer sales director David Peterson.

Users that lose their phone will be able to locate it on a map on a web browser. If the phone is near the user, a message can be sent causing it to sound an alarm making it easier to locate. If the phone is not within reach, the user can lock it and then attempt to retrieve it. If retrieval is not possible, the phone can be wiped of all data, preventing theft of any details.

Peterson said he was aware of the 99c mental barrier app purchases, so he knows it’s a stretch to have faith in mass uptake of a $49 (for 24 months) product through the Android Market. To that end, Trend Micro is focused on the retail channel, with the Australian office creating new packaging to help consumers understand the benefits of Android security and to assist retailers in selling the product.

Promotion will be focused on outdoor and online advertising, with Trend Micro leveraging its sponsorship of the fast-finishing Wests Tigers to attract consumers. Lote Tuqiri and Benji Marshall will be the face of this campaign.

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On the PC front, Trend Micro has released three SKUs in a good/better/best story for retail consumers.

At the top of the range is the full service, Titanium Maximum Security (RRP $129 for five licences), which includes social media protection, remote locking and deletion, online back-up in the cloud (10GB for free), smartphone and tablet protection (Android, iOS and Symbian) and safe searching, in addition to core features such as real time protection, advanced threat protection and automatic game mode (in which the program knows not to interrupt you when playing a game or watching a video).

In the middle of the range is Titanium Internet Security (RRP $99 for three licences), which includes the three core features plus spam and phishing protection, advanced firewall protection and child protection settings.

The entry level product is Smart Surfing for PC (RRP $49 for one licence). This product contains only three core features of the range.

The new Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Trend Micro's Titanium Maximum Security.