Breville feels the pressure and recalls Fast Slow Cooker

The possibility of consumers being either scalded or burned by Breville’s Fast Slow Cooker (BPR200) when the steam releases has led to the company issuing a recall. The problems lie with the white silicone lid gasket. Breville has discovered that if the white lid gasket is not inserted in the correct orientation and, contrary to the instructions provided in the product’s instruction manual, there is a possibility that pressure may build up and release unexpectedly.

Kmart’s bad blender could catch fire

The Homemaker Nutritional drink blender, model SA-RB-13409 sourced by Kmart and then sold nationally throughout its stores between June 30 and September 12, this year has been recalled. The blender is poorly sealed against liquid and its internal components are made of unsuitable material.

De’Longhi recalls Kenwood blender

A global recall has been issued by De’Longhi Australia for the Kenwood BLEND-X PRO BLM800, type BLM80 blender. The company said that due to an inconsistency in the metal used in the manufacture of the lower blade of the blender, there have been instances where the blender blade has broken during routine internal testing.

Olympus recalls camera due to shock risk

Olympus has issued its first recall on a product for its VG-170 compact digital camera because its body may emit a mild electric shock during use, when operating the zoom lever or shutter button. Due to this mild shock, consumers may experience slight numbness in their fingertips.