By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Paul Colley, Sony group manager for network services and technology, introduced the new Bravia LCD TV range to a crowded room this afternoon in Sydney by saying that network services are critical to Sony “moving forward”.

Colley said that about 25 per cent of Bravia TVs in Australian households are already connected to the internet and that Sony had “the best channel offering” with catch up TV, music unlimited, a wide movie offering, a broad offering of independent channels (such as the Billabong channel) and that 10 new channels were on the way. Colley described internet TV as a “sit back experience rather than a lean forward in front of your computer”.

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New key features include Skype functionality (via a firmware update for last year models) and a media remote app allowing users to view and browse their Bravia service from their mobile phone.

Sony insisted that picture quality was still number one priority as it was the number one concern of most consumers. Opticontrast and Gorilla Glass technology is being used to address the issue to ensure an “excellent and active viewing experience.”

Prices are yet to be revealed across the entire Bravia range. There are two models in the HX Series (HX 925, HX 820), one in the NX Series (NX 720), three models in the EX Series (EX 720, EX 520, EX 420), the CX 520 and the BX 320 all to have staggered release dates beginning March through until September.

Tim Barlow, from Sony New Zealand, said the notebook category had “a lot of opportunity for growth” and that the new Vaio range “covers the whole gamut” from ultra portable notebooks to full 3D gaming machines – this is the F Series, which is Sony’s first 3D notebook.

In line with Sony’s CES announcement, it has brought into the Australian market a range of 3D capable digital cameras and camcorders from entry level to high end. The Cyber-shot W series, the hero, features low light capture in Full HD, 185-degree shots in Panorama mode, and USB charging. Members of the audience remarked on the “affordability” of this range with the entry level DSC-WX7 priced at RRP $329.

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